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If you experience one of the following symptoms, keep reading:

Heart burn
Acid reflux
Bloating and gassiness
Chronic constipation or diarrhea
Abdominal pain
Suffer from gut issues? There is hope. 
The Accelerated Hack Your Gut eCourse is loaded with tips, tools and strategies to help you take control of your digestive health and learn WHY healing the gut is the foundation for improving many chronic health conditions and keeping a strong and optimally functioning immune system.
What's inside the course? 
  • >   In lessons 1 and 2 we go over the A to Z of your digestive system and cover what you need to know and what CAN go wrong.
  • >   In lesson 3  we go over food sensitivities and how they may be contributing to your digestive issues.
  •   In lesson 4 we help you figure out if you may have some issues with SIBO (which stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) or CANDIDA.
  • >   In lesson 5 we talk about the impact of non-organic foods and GMO foods on your digestive health.
  • >   In lesson 6 we go over tools that can help you evaluate the state of your digestive system and figure out what is right for you.
  • >   In lesson 7 we discuss what an elimination diet is and how it may benefit your gut health.
  • >   In lesson 8 we dig deeper on the importance of your microbiome for your overall health.
  • >   Also, inside of the program, you get access to a Comprehensive Elimination Diet Guide that supports gut healing.
  • >   As an added bonus, I have also included my Hack Your Gut and Immune Health ebook so you can further your deepen health knowledge.
  • >   I have also included various Health Discovery Quizzes and Questionnaires to give you a personalized look into what is and isn’t functioning up to par with YOUR gut health.
Learn tips, tools and strategies for better digestive and immune health so that you can feel and be your best!
Meet Dr. Nathalie
Author of Hack Your Health Habits and Creator of the Accelerated Hack Your Gut Health eCourse
Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp is a no nonsense, get-it-done kind of doctor who has created a step-by-step formula to help individuals hack their health habits and have them on their A-game, no matter what age. Through her years of experience, she has curated 12 major pillars of physical and mental health that will help people live to their full potential. One of these pillars is gut health. Are you ready to take control of yours? 

Ready to HeAL YOUR GUT?
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