Personalized Wellness 
“Genes load the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger.” 
                                                                                   - Dr. Bert Griffith 

Within every patient’s genetic makeup are opportunities to optimize health and wellness. The future of personalized wellness is here! Genetic variation testing works by identifying and addressing common genetic variations known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) that explain many of the differences among people and their health. These variations can also affect your predisposition for certain conditions and diseases. Being aware of what SNPs you carry will allow for more precise and customized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that are tailored to each person’s needs. In addition, the interpretation of these SNPs can empower practitioners with information that can enhance patient management and clinical outcomes. 

PureGenomics® is a platform combining educational tools, protocols and nutritional supplements with a dynamic website application designed to help easily translate, identify and address SNPs. Imagine having a custom health plan created for you based on your genetic predisposition; PureGenomics® aims to do just that. This unique platform enables you to TEST, TRANSLATE and TARGET SNPs so that you can start living better today. 

How Does Knowing Certain SNPs Benefit You? 
  • ​More personal control over your health
  • ​Better nutrient absorption
  • ​A more efficient metabolism
  • ​Improved detoxification, immunity and hormone health
  • ​Better cognitive function
  • ​Increased energy and vitality and
  • ​Prevention of chronic health conditions
The future of wellness is taking a personalized approach to address your individual needs, make you look and feel your best, and prevent chronic conditions from developing. 

How to Get Started 
  • Visit www.23andMe.com or www.23andMe.ca to purchase a genetic test kit. 
  • ​ Recipients of the kit will need to follow the step-by-step instructions provided by 23andme®. 
  • You will receive an email from 23andMe® when your results are ready. 
  • ​Click the BUY NOW button below to purchase your interpretation package (different than the results of 23andme).
  • ​After your purchase, your practitioner will send you a PureGenomics® email invitation with a link to register for an account. 
  • ​Once logged into your PureGenomics® account, you will be able to upload your 23andMe® raw data which will populate your personalized report within your PureGenomics® platform. 
  • ​Your practitioner will then be able to suggest lifestyle and supplement recommendations with efficiency and precision based on your genetic makeup.
Report & Interpretation
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