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Hey #HealthHacker, 

Whether you are part of my Hack Your Health Habits book launch team, HYHH 7-day challenge group, online coaching Mastery Program, have read my book or are just a fan of my health hacks, this contest is for you!

To enter please click on this link and share a photo or video of one of the following: 
  •  A photo or video of you implementing one of your favourite health hacks from the book or;
  • a testimonial video on how you are finding the book or;
  •  a shot of you reading the book on location in a real-world setting—the book seems to be loving the beach AND we seem to have all sorts of readers.
REMEMBER have fun with it, there’s no judgment here. We are building the #HealthHackerTribe together, a tribe of like-minded people who are on a quest to achieve better health! Winners will be picked every first of the month!

Thank you in advance, I am so looking forward to hearing about your experiences with Hack Your Health Habits! 

Let's get hacking, 
Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp 
Chief Hacking Office (CHO)
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